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The Department of Industrial Management has the longest history as well as the maximum honors in the College of Management. The development of the department goes as follows:

1973: It was examined and approved to be established by the Ministry of Education. Its former name is Division of Industrial Management. 

1985:  It was renamed as Division of Industrial Engineering and Management. 

1998: It was upgraded to Department of Industrial Engineering and Management.  

2003:  It was incorporated into the College of Management and was formally renamed as Department of Industrial Management. 

2006:  It was honored the first place in industrial management during the rating by the Ministry of Education and set up trans-school industry-academy research & development alliance with National Taiwan University and National Taipei University of Technology.  

Development features

The Purpose of the founding of Department of Industrial Management is to cultivate top management talents with professional competencies thinking much of enterprise ethics to meet the requirements of industrial development. Therefore, the theory and practice of industrial management must be integrated to enhance government-university-industry collaboration and offer academic achievements and research findings to reward the society.

To meet the industrial development trend and school affairs development feature of “happy study [123]”, we set up two interdisciplinary curricula, namely manufacture-commerce integration, and supply-chain informationization, and three distinctive courses of industry-academy management, industrial electronization and management decision-making. These assist students in obtaining second specialty and upgrade practical experience. The industry-academy cooperation project is carried out to feature practical teaching and provide students with the opportunity to participate in enterprise internship and develop correct occupational ideas, which will be beneficial to the future advanced study and career start of students.